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Corpse Party The Anthology Limited Edition Gets Z Rating

Screens from the limited edition's bonus OVA.


The standard and limited editions of games usually carry the same rating. But there are exceptions. The limited edition of Lollipop Chainsaw, for example, had a Z rating, up from the standard version's D rating. We'll see another example next month with Corpse Party The Anthology Saiko no Renai Yugi Hysteric Birthday 2U, which is D for its standard version but Z for its limited version.

Lollipop's rating difference reflected differences in content, as the limited edition had more gore. For Corpse Party, the two versions of the game are exactly the same.

So why the Z rating? Mages didn't specifically say if this is the reason for the Z rating, but the big difference between the standard and limited editions is the inclusion of an OVA called "Missing Footage. You can see some sample images here.

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