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Ys: Celceta Sea of Trees Combat System Detailed


This week's Dengeki PlayStation has combat details for PlayStation Vita's Ys: Celceta Sea of Trees.

Vita's first Ys game uses a party battle system that closely resembles Ys 7. You switch between characters using the square button. You have three attack types available, each having different effect depending on the enemy.

Vita's rear touch pad can be used to give instructions to the AI that controls your other party members. Pinch out to make the characters focus on attack. Pinch in to make evasion the priority.

To use skills, you deplete your skill points. You can set new skills with your character as you acquire them.

So who are these party characters? Dengeki introduces three potential party members, Nina, Ozuma and Kanririka.

We'll hopefully get a look at these new elements later this week.

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