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One Piece RPG Announced for PSP

Menu-based battles for Luffy's latest adventure.

From Musou to RPG! The next One Piece is an RPG on PSP.

It's hard to believe, but PSP has gone without a single One Piece game all this time. That will change this Winter as Namco Bandai releases One Piece Romance Dawn for the system.

Romance Dawn is a traditional RPG with a command battle system. Taking control of Luffy, you'll adventure through familiar One Piece worlds, recreated in 3D. As Luffy gains level, you'll be able to improve his properties (speed, attack strength, etc.) and customize him in various ways).

A screenshot in Weekly Jump, which has a first look at the game this week, shows Luffy facing off against four enemy pirates. The combat system uses an icon-based menu system with options for attack, flee, item use, and so-forth.

Jump says that the battle system will offer more than just simple turn-based mechanics, though. Specifics are being left for a future report.

One Piece Romance Dawn will be released this Winter.

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