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Nippon Ichi Formally Announces New Projects

Project D, Project Arcadia and Kamipara are more official, but no less mysterious.


The Nippon Ichi 20th anniversary press conference we said would happen tomorrow actually happened today. The publisher announced the games that appeared in this week's Dengeki PlayStation: Project Arcadia, Project D and Kamisama Unmei Kakumei Paradox.

Of the three, Kamipara, as its name is being shortened, was given the most detail. Nippon Ichi described the game's content as "The story of how, one day suddenly, seven angels and a boy who became a god, grow while fulfilling various wishes" ... or something to that effect. Planning and development for this game are being handled by the Disgaea team.

Nippon Ichi described Project Arcadia as a "side scrolling" game with princesses and a refreshing feeling of action. Project D was described as something that will definitely please old Nippon Ichi fans and new Nippon Ichi fans alike.

The platforms for these three projects were not announced.

We should be getting more details at Nippon Ichi's 20th anniversary site tomorrow.

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