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PlayStation Vita Street Fighter x Tekken Dated

Details on what's new for the Vita, a new trailer, and three ways to buy the portable crossover fight.


Capcom announced today a final October 25 release date for the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken.

Pricing is... a little complicated.

The game can be purchased in three forms.

On its own as a PSN download, you'll have to pay ¥3,400.

The PSN download bundled with the PS3 add-on character pack (which adds the Vita version's characters to the PS3 version) will cost ¥4,400.

The game's retail version comes bundled with the PS3 character pack by default and costs ¥4,990. The retail version also includes as a first print run bonus an arrange costume pack.

The Vita version of SF x Tekken has various updates over its console counterparts. Owners of the Vita and PS3 versions of the game can make use of a "Contents Link" feature which synchronizes character customization settings and replay data. This feature also gives Vita owners access to DLC purchased on the PS3 version.

A few of theses screens show the PS3 side of the Contents Link feature.

Vita also has near functionality to exchange character costume color scheme data. The receiving end will be able to make use of the color data.

Other new features include KO Monuments, where you earn figures after winning online battles, and Burst Opponent, a combat mode where you fight random tag groupings.

View the game's release date announcement trailer and a 12 minute "short story" movie below:

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