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Falcom Reportedly Planning Legend of Heroes For 3DS

Financial report says to expect multiplatform expansion for PSP RPG series starting next term.


Falcom may be expanding its Legend of Heroes series to non PlayStation platforms shortly. A seasonal company report on Falcom at Toyo Keizai's investor resources page says "The Kiseki series has been limited to PSP, but starting next term it will be offered on 3DS and a variety of other targets." Falcom is also planning side developments on PC and Smartphones, according to the report.

("Kiseki" is the Japanese name for the line of Legend of Heroes games that includes Trails in the Sky).

I'm too cheap to pay the ¥3,500 quarterly fee to access Toyo's financial reports, so I haven't verified if the quote, which appears at Game Jouhou, is actually at the site. Those with access can see the report here.

Kiseki/Legend of Heroes is expanding to PlayStation Vita this Fall... and maybe additional platforms later.

The Legend of Heroes series has been one of PSP's main franchises, having appeared on the system initially through Namco Bandai as ports of the PC installments. Eventually, Falcom began publishing the games itself, and switched the mainline development of the series to PSP. The latest PSP installment, Nayuta no Kiseki (which does away with the Legend of Heroes name), is due for release on July 26. The franchise is also coming to PlayStation Vita through an updated port of Zero no Kiseki.

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