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Dragon Quest X: How to Spot a Real Player

White, pink and blue names indicate who's real and who's CPU. Plus, a look at some handy facilities around town.


The game world in Dragon Quest X has a mix of real life players and CPU characters. How do you tell them apart? This was one of the topics of Square Enix's latest screenshot update.

To find other real life adventurers, you'll want to look for characters with their name written in blue above their head, like in this screen:

Characters with pink and white names are CPU controlled.

A white name means that the CPU character will talk with you, and you can talk with them. To make sure you speak to the right person when surrounded by characters, select "speak" from the main command window and you'll be able to select a specific name.

A pink name means that the character is particularly important for advancing the story.

Gathering a Party

You can adventure with your fellow online players by selecting "adventure together."

If you'd rather go at it the old fashioned way and have a party of CPU-controlled members, you'll want to head to the pub. Speak to the person at the counter, and you'll be introduced to a support ally based off the level and job that you've selected To make this ally join you, you'll need hand over some gold. That's right, the CPU-controlled allies are actually hired hands, but they'll follow the strategy that you specify.

Around Town

Other handy facilities you'll find around town include weapon and armor shops, an inn, and a church. DQX saves automatically, so the church is not used for saving here, but you'll still want to give a visit to revive dead allies, cure poison, and rid yourself of curses.

Investigate the jars and barrels you find around town, and you could get some handy items.

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