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Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Site Opens

Konami formally announces late August anniversary party.


Konami has shifted into full Metal Gear 25th anniversary mode. The publisher opened a special site for the anniversary today. The site promises details on anniversary events and commemorative items.

Currently, the site mentions the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Party. As detailed yesterday, this will be held at Tokyo Midtown on August 30. It's an invite-only event, but fans will be able to enter a drawing for a slot. Details on the drawing will be announced later.

The site also has links to anniversary product, available through Konami Style, and the official sites for the various Metal Gear games.

Included in the official site list is the Metal Gear Solid 4 site, which has now been updated with information about the new early August budget rerelease that adds Trophy and, as revealed earlier in the day, full data install support.

It's still not totally clear if the upcoming patch will include just the trophy support or if the data install support is included as well. Perhaps someone can ping Hideo Kojima about it?

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