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Nippon Ichi's Kamipara Official Site Opens with Trailer; Page Source Shows "Vita"

Get a first look at the next game from Team Disgaea.


Nippon Ichi has opened a teaser site for Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox, or Kamipara for short. Access the site for a first teaser trailer, which you can also view here:

As detailed earlier this week, Kamipara is an all new RPG from the Disgaea team. The game's platform has not yet been announced, but opening up the page source shows:

It PlayStation Vita really is the platform, it would mean Nippon Ichi selected the system for at least two of its anniversary projects. Vita is also the platform for Special Reporting Division. The platforms for Project D and Project Arcadia have not been announced.

The site will get its full opening on the 19th.

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