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Ys Celceta Sea of Trees Screens and Gameplay Details

Field actions, the new "Hirameki" battle system, and more!


Today's media update for Ys Celceta Sea of Trees includes new characters, locations and gameplay shots.

Characters: Ozma and Canlilica

Locations: Selray and Highland

Battle System

Celceta uses a new system called "Hirameki." As part of this system, when you face off against strong enemies, your character will automatically learn and use new skills on the spot. These skills are placed in your skill list and can later be set with your character.

In this screen, Adol learns "Sonic Slide."

These screens show character specific skills which use the SP that you build up by striking enemies.

Personal Actions

Personal actions are character-specific actions that you use on the fields. As you explore, you'll sometimes see a target circle on the map. Switch to the appropriate character and either press triangle or tap the screen, and you'll make that character perform a personal action.

Shown here, Carna's knife toss and Dulen's key open ability. Carna's knife toss can cut string bridges, opening up new paths. Duren's move can open treasure boxes.

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