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Oni Training Screenshots and Mode Details

The next Brain Age game features Demon Ryuta Kawashima.


The 3DS "reboot" of the Brain Age series places the focus on "Working Memory." You'll train through difficult exercises like "Demon Math" a game based off a problem type called "n-back." This is the problem that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata highlighted in a recent Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The game includes seven other types of Demon Training. Examples include:

Demon Mouse
Remember the panel the mouse has hidden behind.
Demon Speed Reading
Read a passage aloud while trying to commit a portion of the passage to memory
Demon Symbol
Remember the given symbol and select it from three options.
Demon Block
Remember the position of flashing blocks in order.

Each Demon Training exercise lasts five minutes. You're limited to one play of each training type per day.

Other modes include Demon Training Support, Brain Training and Relax. Support promises to speed up your Working Memory. Brain Training includes six new brain exercises on top of three exercises from past Brain Age games. Relax allows you to rest up your brain through mini games like "Cell Explosion" and "Bacteria Eradication."

The game supports data for up to four players, and even lets you compare rankings with your fellow players. Using Street Pass, you can trade your opinion of the game and your play data.

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