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Tekken Producer Talks At Length About Tag Tournament 2's Swimsuit DLC


Namco Bandai announced at some comic event down in San Diego earlier today that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 would include over 100 swimsuit outfits as download content. Later in the day, producer Katsuhiro Harada discussed the swimsuit DLC at length at Twitter.

The swimsuit DLC includes suits for all characters. One follower asked if "all characters" includes the male and animal characters. The DLC does include characters like Kuma and Ganryu, Harada confirmed.

Another follower asked if the swimsuit DLC includes school swimsuits. Harada replied that they'd assumed this would be asked by Japanese players, so they made sure to include school swimsuits.

What about those who buy the game's download version? Harada said that he'd like to include the costumes as a bonus for those who pick up the game quickly, but he also wants to to try his best to meet fan demands. He asked that we wait for the official announcement.

Below, you'll find the game's San Diego Comic Con live action "Bad Girls" trailer.

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