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Yakuza 1&2 HD Confirmed in Famitsu

HD remake arrives on November 1.


Weekly Famitsu has confirmed Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition for PlayStation 3. According to Tales Source, which obtained this week's issue early, the magazine lists the HD remake of the two PS2 Yakuza games for November 1, priced ¥5,290. The November 1 date differs from the December 1 date that leaked out of Sega's official release schedule.

In addition to the HD visuals, Sega has made some improvements to the two PS2 classics. Load times have been reduced. You can now manage your item box in the phone booth. Completionists will appreciate that food you've eaten at least once will now have a check mark shown on menus.

The game's pre-order bonuses are themed around the PS2 versions' packaging. In addition to a clear file showing the original packaging of the two games, you'll get dummy packaging remaking the original packaging in PS3 style.

This is likely the major announcement that Sega has been teasing at the official Yakuza site, so expect an official unveiling tomorrow.

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