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Imageepoch's PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa Dated For October 11

New characters and the theme song revealed in Famitsu.


Imageepoch promised new details on its original PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa this week. Famitsu has the those details, which include a long awaited final release date of October 11.

According to Famitsu flying get source Tales Source, Imageepoch has tapped May.J to perform the game's theme song, Rewind.

We're not sure of pricing just yet. Famitsu also reveals that the game will have a limited edition, but we've yet to hear details about the content.

The magazine also introduces two new characters. Makimono (voiced by Aya Endo) is a fortune teller who foretold of the wedding scene attack that opens up the game. Bikodo (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) is the leader of an assassin's guild.

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