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Second Game Heaven Not Too Far Off

Sony CEO gets mores specific without really getting specific.


Every single PlayStation Vita comments thread on every gaming site everywhere (at the very least here) seems to always have one question: when will Sony hold its next Game Heaven event? Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Hiroshi Kawano provided somewhat of an answer in this week's Famitsu.

As part of a Q&A, Famitsu asked Kawano if the next Game Heaven event would be held soon. Kawano responded that while he could not get too specific, he does not want to leave too long a gap before the next one. He also promised major titles which he could not detail.

Regarding Tokyo Game Show, Kawano said that he believes the balance for this year's show will shift towards Vita. TGS will be held in September.

The summary we have appears to be just from a bit of the interview. There may be more, so check back later once Sokuho delivers its usual detailed summary, and later in the week or early next as Famitsu.com often posts the full transcript.

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