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Tokitowa: Limited Edition, Time Travel and Final Bow Attacks

Imageepoch finally begins opening up on its animation-heavy PS3 RPG.

Toki's alter ego Towa emerges when Toki's wedding ceremony comes under attack.

We have a few additional bits on Imageepoch's PS3 RPG Tokitowa via this week's Famitsu and our usual Famitsu summarizer Sokuho@Hokanko.

As reported earlier, the magazine reveals an October 11 release date for the game. Pricing for the standard version is ¥7,980, which is in line with other high profile PS3 RPG releases.

Namco Bandai will also release a limited edition. Priced ¥9,980, the LE includes a special CD with a soundtrack and voiced drama, a 48-page artwork booklet, a download code for eleven custom themes, and a special box.

Regarding the game itself, Famitsu introduces two characters and a couple of small story and gameplay bits.

We detailed the characters, Makimona and Bikodo, earlier. Maikimona is the fortune teller who predicted that Toki and the main character's wedding party would come under attack. She apparently wears a very revealing outfit. Bikodo is a young man who leads an assassin's guild of some form. He's walking around town with a ninja and kunoichi when he spots Toki, who's come back in time, and engages in battle with her.

Yes, it looks like Tokitowa will have time travel. The time travel element begins early on. In the game's opening moments, we witness the main character and Toki's wedding ceremony. Someone attacks the ceremony, bringing out Toki's meaner, blonder alter ego Towa. One thing leads to another (Famitsu does not list the exact string of events) and Toki finds herself traveling through time.

Famitsu has just one bit about the game's combat system. During battle, you'll sometimes see a circle icon above the enemy's head. Press the circle button with good timing, and you'll make your character perform an FBA, or Final Bow and Attack move.

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