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New Tokitowa Screens and Artwork

Find out who Toki and her alter ego Towa are chasing through time.


Famitsu.com has posted a new batch of screens and artwork from Imageepoch's PS3 RPG Tokitowa. The media shows the characters we detailed earlier in the day, including the fortune teller Makimono and the Assassin's Guild leader Bikodo.

Makimono "foresaw" the attack that interrupts heroine Toki's wedding and causes Toki's alter ego Towa to emerge for the frist first time. Bikodo and his assassin group are responsible for that attack, and Makimono's appearance during the attack suggests that she may have been in cahoots with the group.

Following the attack, Toki and Towa pursue Makimono and Bikodo by traveling back into the past.

Joining the game media, we have a first look at the game's limited edition, which includes a special box, a soundtrack and drama CD, a 48 page art book, and a download code for eleven custom themes.

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