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Chaos; Head Noah Being Ported to PlayStation 3; More Science Adventure Coming Soon

More adventure/visual novel gaming for PS3 players.

Make room in that "semi colon" section of your game shelf. 5pb. is bringing another one of its science adventure games to PlayStation 3.

Following Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, the first entry in the company's science adventure series, Chaos;Head Noah, will be making its way to the PS3 on November 22. 5pb. will also bring Chaos;Head Noah's fan disc, Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu!, to PS3, also on November 22.

Chaos Head; Noah and its fan disc have previously appeared on such platforms as Xbox 360, PSP and iOS.

Joining this announcement, Famitsu had a special on adventure games this week. 5pb's Naotaka Hayashi (scenario writer for Steins;Gate and also Square Enix's Bravely Default) teased that we can probably expect a new title announcement for the science adventure series soon.

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