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Level-5's Fantasy Life: New Screens

A tour around your main town.


Level-5's Fantasy Life resurfaced in Famitsu this week with a full preview and word that a release date would be announced in next week's issue.

The magazine and Famitsu.com also shared screens and details showing your main town, Kulbruk. This town has a castle, a market, a fortune tellers house, a fashion shop (where you can buy clothes for your character), and other facilities.

Where you end up in the town will depend on the "life" that you select to play as. If you select the life of a member of the royal army, you'll frequent the soldiers' residence. If you live as an artisan, you'll frequent the largest building in town, Kulbruk Studio.

Fantasy Life's world has a day-night cycle. As you play, time will progress and the day will turn to night. Kulbruk will transform accordingly, with homes lit up and smelling of dinner, and special shops that can only be accessed at night. You'll also meet certain people only at night.

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