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Dragon Quest X: Treasure Boxes, Dangerous Areas and Other Field Techniques


This week's Dragon Quest X screenshot update shows some of the things you can do when exploring the game's massive play areas.


You can always consult your mini map in the lower left of the screen, but to get a real sense of your surroundings, you'll want to open the full map. The map shows connections to the next area.

If the man in you does not allow for maps, you can make use of signposts around the world. These show what lies ahead.

Help Other Players

As you run about, you'll see other players engaged in combat. You can give out calls of support, which raises the other players' tension. An orange name means that the player is near death. You can help out by using medicine on the player.

Treasure Boxes

The Dragon Quest X world is filled with treasure. Some of these come in actual treasure boxes, but some can be identified as shiny spots on the ground.

Beware of Dangerous Areas

Some parts of the world will be closed off by fences and signs indicating that those who attempt to venture further will find powerful monsters awaiting.

Investigate Monsters

Before engaging an enemy, you can use an "investigate" command from the menu to see if you're ready for the fight. In the screenshot below, the text identifies the monster's name and warns that it's probably not a good idea to attack him in your current state.

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