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Devil Summoner Soul Hackers Screenshots

Plus, what's new about the 3DS remake.


Atlus released a new batch of screenshots from Devil Summoner Soul Hackers. The screens show some of the new elements in the 3DS remake of the late '90s PlayStation and Sega Saturn title.

These new elements include:

A new opening animation
You can also switch to the original opening if you want.
Speedier play experience
The game has improved loading, improved response for command inputs, shorter effect times, and improved framerate.
Full Voice
You can also choose toggle the voices on or off.
Comp Hack
As a new element, the 3DS version lets you freely hack your gun-shaped computer GUMP. This appears to be just a fancy word for changing options, like difficulty setting, auto mapping and other areas.
Build Up Nemecchi
Nemecchi is a new demon that you can build up in the 3DS version using Devil Souls, which you earn from others via Street Pass.
Shin Megami Tensei IV First Trailer
As previously announced, Atlus is including a 3D trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV with Devil Summoner Soul Hackers. This will be the first showing of the 3DS sequel.

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