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Summon Night Revival Site Opens

All new entry joined by ports, all on PSP.


Namco Bandai gave the Summon Night official site its first update since last year. The site has confirmation of all the Summon Night games that leaked out of Jump earlier this week, and mention of even more.

As detailed in Jump and at the site, Namco Bandai will be reviving the franchise through the all new Summon Night 5 on PSP, as well as ports of Summon Night 3 and 4, also on PSP. Summon Night 5 is currently date TBA. SN3 is due on October 4, priced ¥3,990 at retail and ¥3,600 as a download. SN4 is due on November 15 at the same price.

Outside of these three, Namco Bandai is also releasing Summon Night and Summon Night 2 as Game Archives downloads. Summon Night is now available for ¥300, but the price will go up to ¥600 on August 29. Summon Night 2 will be released on August 29 priced ¥300, but its price will go up to ¥600 on September 26.

The official site also mentions a Summon Night game for the GREE social gaming platform. Details are coming soon.

Regarding Summon Night 5, the site only lists the game as a single player fantasy simulation RPG. An official site will open on July 30.

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