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Summon Night Revival Being Developed by Felistella

Developer of Agarest Senki Mariage, formed in 2010 by former Flight Plan staff.


Namco Bandai has started a revival of the Summon Night franchise. But the big question is, who's working on the project now that the franchise's original developer, Flight Plan, went kaput back in 2010?

The answer came today as Namco Bandai opened a new official site for the franchise. A developer called "Felistella" revealed at Twitter that it is handling planning and development on Summon Night 5, along with the PSP ports/remakes of Summon Night 3 and 4.

Felistella is the developer of Agarest Senki Mariage, which was just released for PSP last week. The studio was formed in July 2007 by former Flight Plan staff and is headed up by Takayuki Kinoshita, who was deeply involved in past Summon Night games.

Visit the Felistella official site here.

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