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5pb. Announces New Science Adventure Game

New title may have some connection with Chaos;Head.


Last week, 5pb. teased that a new game in its science adventure series (which includes Steins;Gate and various other games with a semi-colon in the title) would be announced soon. The announcement came today at the Science Adventure Festival 2012 Summer event.

As reported at Famitsu.com, 5pb. announced that the next game in the series is in development. According to the site's report, an image that accompanied the announcement showed Shibuya and, possibly because of this, made some think of Chaos;Head, the first game in the series which also takes place in Shibuya.

The most recent original entry in the science adventure series is Robotics;Notes, which was released simultaneously for PS3 and Xbox 360. Ports of Chaos;Head and its fan disc were announced last week for PlayStation 3.

Image from today's event, via Famitsu.com

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