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3DS Gets Free Dragon Quest X App

Plus, find out how you can turn yourself back to human form!


Square Enix said some time back that in addition to Wii and Wii U, 3DS would feature into its plans for Dragon Quest X. Today, we found out how.

3DS owners can look forward to a series of Dragon Quest X related apps. The first of these is titled "Dragon Quest X Boukensha no Odekake Benri Tool Vol.1," which translates to something like "Convenient Tool For Adventurers On the Go: Vol.1."

This tool lets you view alerts from Dragon Quest X, do StreetPass exchanges using your DQX character, view information about friends and support characters, send letters to friends, and view product information from the Travelers Bazaar.

This first DQX app is free. Square Enix has not yet said when it will be released.

The source for this latest DQX update is, as always, Jump. The magazine also has details on an item called "Key Emblem." This item plays an important role in the game's story, as it's needed to turn your character back into human form. The Key Emblem is scattered throughout the world.

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