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Iwata Asks About Dragon Quest X

MMORPG supports players who can't play every day.


Nintendo posted the inevitable Iwata Asks column about Dragon Quest X today. Sitting opposite the Shacho was DQX director Jin Fujisawa, DQX producer Yousuke Saito and, in a somewhat rare interview, Dragon Quest series creator and game designer Hori Yuuji.

Among the revelations in the column, Fujisawa said that different from most current casual games which generally give the message of "We want you to play every day," Dragon Quest X is meant to give the message of "It's okay even if you don't play every day."

In fact, the game has some systems that are designed with the idea that players may not necessarily play every day. Hori wanted to make sure that DQX wasn't a game that would destroy people's daily lives. In response to this request, the development team came up with three systems.

The first system is "Support Allies." When you're not playing, other players can use your character in their party. You'll receive experience and gold through this. Hori noted that this system lets your character grow even when you're not playing.

The other system is "Genkidama," or "Energy Balls." The game has a meter which charges when you're not logged in. Reach a certain amount, and you'll gain an energy ball. The energy ball gives you double experience and gold for thirty minutes.

As an example of the benefits of the energy ball system, Fujisawa noted that players who play only on the weekend will receive enough energy balls that they'll be able to play continuously with double gold and experience. Iwata joked that this system means players won't have to worry about sleeping.

The third system is "Support Gold." If you reach a certain location as part of your progress through the game, you'll be given a certain amount of gold every week.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hori reiterated that the game can be played individually (a point that for some reason surprised Iwata even though it was one of the first features announced for the game). As reason for offering this ability, Hori joked that he's shy and isn't particularly good at making friends. He played Final Fantasy XI all by himself. Iwata mentioned that he'd heard a rumor that during the DQX beta test, Hori would run away when people spoke to him. This rumor was true, Fujisawa confirmed.

This is actually the first of multiple Iwata Asks columns covering DQX, so there may be additional revelations leading up to the August release.

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