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Bravely Default Gameplay Details: FFV-like Customization, and Party Chat


Dengeki Online has a new preview of Bravely Default Flying Fairy, complete with lots of new gameplay details. Access the site for screens. Here's a summary of the details:


As previously detailed, Bravely Default uses a job system. The job system is said to like that of Final Fantasy V, but with the element of "cost" added, allowing for greater customization.

You make use of two types of abilities during battle: Job Commands and Support Abilities. Job Commands are standard commands that the character uses during battle -- things like magic and attacks. Support Abilities are abilities whose effects are automatic without command input -- things like +10% HP, or a knight's ability to cover a party member who's in trouble.

One of your Job Commands can be set with an ability that you learned when playing as a separate job. Using this system, you can have a knight who uses white magic, and so-forth.

Your Support Abilities can also be set with support abilities that you learned from another job. Support Abilities use a cost system. You can freely set support abilities, regardless of their originating job, as long as you stay within cost. Using this system, you can take a weak white mage and use support abilities to build up the character's HP and defense strength.

You earn new abilities when your job level rises, which occurs as you defeat enemies and acquire "JP" (Job Points). Jobs can be raised up to 10 levels.


Your characters will engage in skits ala the Tales series. During these skits, the characters will talk about the current state of the story, various side bits, and even share strategies.

When a skit is available, you'll see "Party Chat" in the lower left of the screen. Press Y to view the skit.

The game has a large number of skits, including some extremely rare ones.

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