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Nintendo Selling 3DS Game Download Codes at Online Retailers


Nintendo is incorporating online retailers into its plans for download sales of full package game releases. Retailers such as Tsutaya Online Shopping, Rakuten Books, Seven Net Shopping, Yodobashi.com and Joshin Net Shopping will sell download codes which will allow you to download games from the 3DS e-Shop.

This means you have three choices for buying a downloadable 3DS game: purchase it directly from the 3DS e-Shop, obtain a download code from an online retailer, or purchase a download card, which contains a download code, from a shop like 7-Eleven. In the latter two cases, you have 150 days from date of purchase to complete the download.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training kick off Nintendo's new download initiative on July 28 at 9:00. Nintendo today opened a special page detailing the procedures.

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