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Idolmaster Shiny Festa Screenshots

Plus, details on the Shining Burst system.


Idolmaster Shiny Festa has four different types of music clips:

  • Live: a stage featuring all members
  • Anime: an anime clip
  • Band: the idols try out instruments
  • Theater: drama showing a variety of situations

Each of the game's songs include two different music videos. For example:

Promise, anime clip and stage clip:

Smokey Thrill, training wear and cute stage:

Marionette's Heart, pattern 1 and pattern 2:

Self Restart, pattern 1 and pattern 2:

It's possible to switch between the two music clips in mid performance by using a "Shining Burst" move. As you successfully connect with your button presses, a gauge in the upper left of the screen will fill up. This is your "Kirameki Meter," or "Shining Meter." When this gauge fills up, the game's icons change to stars, known as "Shooting Stars." Successfully connect with the Shooting Star icons, and you'll initiate a Shining Burst move, which changes the music clips.

Look below for additional screens showing such songs as Next Life, Kyun! Vampire Girl, Kazahana and Promise.

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