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Samurai Warriors 4 Targeted For February 2014 Release

Next numbered entry to be released in time for tenth anniversary.


Tecmo Koei head of development and main Musou man Hisashi Koinuma said today at Twitter that the company has set February 2014 as a release target for Samurai Warriors 4.

The reason for this specific timing is that February 2014 is the tenth anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors offshoot series, which was first released on PlayStation 2 on February 11, 2004.

We should note that this doesn't represent official announcement that the game will arrive in February 2014, just a statement from Koinuma that Tecmo Koei has the game's tenth anniversary in mind for the fourth installment's release.

Koinuma did not share further details on the sequel, but he did take the opportunity to promote Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd, noting that the 3DS title adds new characters, new scenarios and new modes over the original 3DS launch title.

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