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Bravely Default: Fourth Character Revealed, Fourth Demo Coming Soon

Plus, first word on a unique summon system that lets you summon your friends into battle.


The identity of Bravely Default's mysterious fourth character has ben revealed in this week's Jump. According to Tales Source, which gets Jump in advance, the character's name is Ringabel (in Japanese, リングアベル -- feel free to suggest a better romanization).

Of course, what we've really been wondering since the character's artwork first appeared on the game's soundtrack jacket earlier this month is, male or female? The answer is male -- and quite the male at that! Ringabel is a young man who's lost his memory and is traveling the land in the hopes of courting a girl. He has in his possession the "D Notebook," which provides him with prophesies of things to come.

Ringabel, shown to the far right in this artwork from the Bravely Default soundtrack.

Outside of an introduction to Ringabel, the magazine reveals that the game has a unique summon system. Using Wi-Fi (it's unclear if this is StreetPass or manual Wi-Fi exchanges), you'll be able to exchange your character with others. You can call out characters you've received this way into battle as summons.

Jump's Bravely Default reveals are always accompanied by word of an upcoming demo release. This is the case here. The game's fourth demo will be coming soon, the magazine says. This could mean we'll get the demo next week, so get your 3DS ready!

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