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PSP Time Travelers Debuted Below PS Vita and 3DS Versions

Plus, what happened to Konami's Power Pro series?


The PSP version of Level-5's Time Travelers was missing from this week's top ten, which was somewhat of a surprise as there had been some expectation that it might outperform its 3DS and Vita counterparts, which had been released the week prior. So what happened to the PSP version?

Media Create's full top 50, released today, shows the PSP version debuting down at 41. This is actually below the positions of the Vita and 3DS versions in their second week. The Vita version placed 38 this week. The 3DS version placed 40 this week.

We don't have any actual sales figures for the three versions, as Media Create does not share figures below the 20 mark. Last week, the game debuted with 9,887 units on Vita and 9,761 units on 3DS. (These latter figures are stats from Enterbrain, a different tracking service.)

Other low placing newcomers this week included Shogakkan's 3DS Doraemon edutainment game, Dorakazu, which debuted at 44. The PS3 version of SystemSoft Alpha's Sangokuhime debuted at 50.

Media Create also shared its usual array of interesting sales statistics for the week.

Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection was the week's top placer with just over 100,000 units sold. This represented a 46.88% sell-through. While this figure is low, it compares to 2011's Kirby Wii, which sold 137,000 units in its first week but just 49.88% sell-through. Customer pre-orders for the 20th anniversary bundle were 40,000 units, about the same as Kirby Wii.

This year's installment of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2012 sold a total of 108,000 units across all three platforms, with the PS3 version selling 63,000 units, the PSP version 28,000 and the Vita version 17,000. The total is far lower than last year's 191,000 units, split 118,000 for PS3 and 73,000 for PSP. Media Create's own surveys revealed low consumer awareness of the game possibly due to a lack of television commercials. Media Create also suggests that fans may have held off in anticipation of a "Perfect Version" release. Konami stopped doing "Perfect Versions" of the Jikkyou games for a few years, but restarted last year.

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