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Dragon Quest X Team Discusses Offline vs Online Development

Latest Iwata Asks column for MMORPG Dragon Quest game.


The second installment in Nintendo's Iwata Asks column for Dragon Quest X is filled once again with neat little trivia bits about the game's development. Here's just one example.

The conversation between Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and designer Hori Yuuji, producer Yousuke Saito and director Jin Fujisawa turned to the game's mix of online and offline segments. As previously detailed, the beginning of the game is played offline, but you're eventually forced to go online to continue play.

Iwata asked if having to make the game's local component took much of the development staff's time and energy. This was the case, said Fujisawa. In fact, Hori repeatedly suggested that they make the offline component simpler, but Fujisawa and his staff felt that as the offline component had an important role in introducing players to the game.

The reason making the offline component took so much time is that the game's specifications were made with online in mind. During online play, the servers and client (the Wii) split some of the processing work. For offline play, the Wii has to handle the server's load. Initially, this caused some slowdown issues.

In the end, the development staff was able to clean up the offline code so much that it moves even smoother than the online code.

For the full Iwata Asks column, see this page.

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