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ToHeart Pachislot Coming to PlayStation 3

AquaPlus going all out with pachislot conversion.


PlayStation 3 owners have another game in the ToHeart franchise to look forward to, but not of the adventure type, and not even of the 2D arcade fighter type (see AquaPazza).

Retailer Famicom Plaza reveals today that AquaPlus will release a PS3 conversion of the 2012 ToHeart2 pachislot machine Pachislot ToHeart 2. The PS3 conversion is titled Heartful Simulator Pachislot ToHeart2 and will be released on October 25.

AquaPlus is putting a whole lot of effort into this particular pachislot machine conversion. The PS3 version features all new animation sequences from the ToHeart OVA staff, new CG end cards (which you can collect and view), and a premium box with goodies like a special CD and 3D post cards.

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