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Nintendo Sells Nearly 200,000 3DS XLs First Week

Over 400,000 units for New Super Mario Bros. 2!


Nintendo sold 193,441 3DS LL/XL units in the system's first week, Famitsu.com reported today, citing statistics from publisher Enterbrain. Like most Nintendo hardware, the 3DS revision was released on Saturday, so the sales figure covers just two days (July 28 and July 29).

New Super Mario Bros. 2 also pulled impressive first week numbers, selling 430,185 units. This also covers just July 28 and July 29 and does not include sales of the game's download version. Enterbrain has not yet said if its sales figures take into account sales of the download code cards that are sold at select retailers like 7-Eleven.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the full 3DS hardware sales figure for the week and sales for Demon Training, which also launched on Saturday.

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