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Unlock Playable Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6

Plus, more details on Agent Hunt mode.


Confirming teases from last month's Comic-Con event, Famitsu reveals this week that Ada Wong will appear in Resident Evil 6 as a playable character. Ada will have a full story, but you won't be able to select her until after you've cleared the scenarios for the other three characters.

In an interview with Famitsu, executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, director Eiichiro Sasaki and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi shared a few details about Ada's component.

Ada's story will clear up the mysteries from the other scenarios, said Kobayashi. Her scenario is played solo, without a partner character. When playing as Leon and the other main characters, you may end up encountering other players who are controlling Ada.

Ada can change the functionality of her crossbow, switching it to launch projectile bombs for instance.

This is the same Famitsu feature that revealed the game's Agent Hunt mode, where you take control of a creature and enter other players' games via online play. Your goal is to defeat the player-controlled agents.

You'll have to remember that you're playing as a creature, and not one of the RE heroes/agents. If it's you against one of the agents, the agent has the advantage. You'll need to be strategic, making clever use of the AI-controlled enemies, and also communicating with other human-controlled creatures. These creature to creature chat sessions can not be heard by the agent players.

Agent Hunt mode will have exclusive leader boards. If you don't want other players invading your game, you can turn the mode off.

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