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Monster Hunter 4 60% Complete; Producer Considering Other Media


Development on Monster Hunter 4 is currently 60% complete, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said to Weekly Famitsu this week.

Separate from MH4, Tsujimoto added that he'd like to consider other types of media for the MH series. He said this as he noted that the MH series was originally online and thus did place an emphasis on story, but they started putting more focus on story with MH3.

Tsujimoto's comments came in part two of Famitsu's three part feature looking at future gaming plans from top creators. Also in the feature, Tsujimoto said that he's very happy when he hears stories of people who became friends through play of Monster Hunter. He feels that it is a great thing for players to form friendships and develop fond memories through games.

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