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This new batch of screenshots from Imageepoch's PS3 RPG Tokitowa includes high resolution version of the images that we shared from Famitsu.com a couple of weeks back showing the latest character reveals Makimono and Bikodo and the game's limited edition packaging.

There are also some new gameplay shots in the batch showing one new gameplay system. During combat, you'll see a "circle" above the enemy's head at some points. Press the circle button with good timing, and you'll execute a "Final Bout Attack."

We also have one new detail on the game's story. It was previously revealed that the game's prologue sees heroine Toki travel back in time to save her groom who'd been killed during an incident at their wedding. She travels back just six months into the past and comes to suspect that the wedding attack is the work of the Assassin's Guild, which is headed up by Bikodo.

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