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Square Enix released official media for all the Bravely Default stuff we've been talking about over the past week, including:

New party member Ringabel the playboy and Ringabel's D Notebook
Ringabel, who's lost his memory, awakens to find the D Notebook in his hand. The notebook contains prophecies of Ringabel's future movements.
The Friend Summon System
We did a full writeup on this yesterday. See this story.
Matamatto Boritori (マヌマット・ボリトリィ)
This group was formed with the goal of eliminating the remaining few crystal believers in their kingdom of Lakrika.
Job and Ability Combinations
When you change jobs, you can set your character with "Job Commands" and "Support Abilities." Job Commands are abilities that you learned while playing as a different job. We detailed this system here.
Party Chat
When moving about the world, you'll see "Party Chat" in the lower left of the screen. Press Y and you can enjoy conversations between your party members.
Fourth Demo
This is available for download. The screens show the Super Star and Red Mage jobs that you can use in the demo.

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