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Yakuza 5 Screenshots

Characters you'll encounter in Fukuoka and Hokkaido


Sega shared screens and details on the characters you'll encounter in Yakuza 5's Hokkaido and Fukuoka locations. Take a look below.


Kazuma Kiryu

The main character in Fukuoka. Kiryu uses a fake name as he resides in Fukuoka as a taxi driver. Sega has not said what his fake name is.


Mayumi lives with Kiryu. She's the number one girl at the famous club Olivie in Fukuoka's Nagasugai district.

Youtaro Nakajima

President of Nagasugai Taxi. He's a thirty year veteran of the taxi driving business, and has tremendous trust from his drivers. He met a drunk and aimlessly wandering Kiryu about half a year back and was so impressed by his manly spirit that he hired him. The lonely Kiryu feels that Nakajima understands him most.

Tadashi Madarame

Head of the yakuza group that rules Nagasugai. He believes in resolving things not through fighting but through dialogue.


Taiga Saejima

The main character in Hokkaido.

Shigeki Baba

Saejima's fellow prisoner. He was moved over from a different prison one year back. The youngest prisoner in the block, he also has the longest prison term and has already served ten years of his sentence, a conviction for a murder he committed for his brother.

Seiji Kousaka

Second in command at Saejima's prison. He's known for being harsh and unforgiving, even to those who are about to be paroled.

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