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High Sell Through For Persona 4 Arena; Low Sell Through For Mario

Nintendo may have shipped greater quantities in anticipation of summer break.


With over 400,000 units sold in its first two days, New Super Mario Bros. 2 was easily last week's top seller. But retailers have plenty of stock left for those who are waiting.

Media Create reports a low 41.56% sell-through for the game. This low figure may be due to intentional over shipping as Nintendo anticipated demand during the coming Obon and summer break holiday period. A sales boost during these periods would be typical for Nintendo, Media Create notes.

At the other end of the sell-through scale was Persona 4 Arena, which sold 128,000 on PS3 and 10,000 on Xbox 360. Both versions sold over 90% of stock.

The 128,000 figure makes Arena PS3's fastest selling fighter. The previous record holder was Tekken 6, which sold 103,000 units in its first week in October 2009.

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