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Square Enix Hopes to Support Dragon Quest X For Ten Years

Major version up due every ten weeks.


Sony likes to say that it supports its hardware for ten years. Square Enix appears to be taking a similar long term approach with Dragon Quest X.

Nikkei (via Inside Gamer) reports that the game will get major version up revisions every ten weeks. Square Enix plans on offering download content for the game for around ten years, according to the paper.

Producer Yosuke Saito previously mentioned the ten week update plan at Twitter (see this story), but did not mention that download content support would continue for ten years.

As for what that download content includes, the paper does not get into specifics. It's currently known that the game will get a series of story quests.

Square Enix is aiming for mid to long term earnings expansion through this first online title for the Dragon Quest franchise, the paper reports.

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