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Square Enix's Unreal Engine 3 Car Game

New arcade game could see overseas release on HD platforms.


Square Enix's Japanese Unreal Engine 3 support did not end with Last Remnant. A more recent game from the publisher uses the engine.

This is Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter, a recently released arcade game featuring licensed cars that transform into robots for battles.

Part of a big media mix franchise that includes multiple games and a manga, the arcade version of Gyrozetter is developed by Rocket Studio, developer of the Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road series. An interview with the game's development staff at GameBusiness.jp reveals that Rocket Studio has made use of Unreal Engine 3 for the game.

Producer Ryutaro Ichimura (who also served as producer on the just released Dragon Quest X) explained the reason for the use of Unreal Engine 3. Rocket Studio had previously used its own internally developed engine. But Gyrozetter required HD visuals, which the studio's internal technology could not support. This ended up being the studio's first use of the engine.

Asked about Square Enix's new Luminus Studio engine, Ichimura said that in the future Square Enix would like to use its internal engine, but two years prior when Gyrozetter's development started, using Luminous Studio would have been difficult.

It may be a bit odd seeing Unreal Engine 3 used in a racing RPG. Director Ryuta Suyama acknowledged that the engine is meant for first person shooters, so using it for turn-based battles did cause some difficulties. It's not really meant for quick changes between scenes. However, the racing part of the game gave no problems.

GamesBusiness also asked about future plans for the Gyrozetter franchise. A 3DS version has already been announced for Spring. This, of course, won't use Unreal Engine 3, Ichimura said. The 3DS version of the game is an original RPG, completely different from the arcade version. Development on the 3DS version is progressing well.

Asked about the possibility of an entry in the series for HD platforms, Ichimura said that they may have to release the game on HD systems because they're considering overseas developments for the franchise.

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