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Nintendo Readying Second Phase of Fire Emblem Awakening Download Content


Download content for Fire Emblem Awakening came to an end on July 26. Or so we thought. Nintendo announced today that it will begin phase two of the game's download content later this week.

The second phase of DLC is titled Kamigunshi e no Michi. As with the original series, the new DLC will offer maps that let you partner up with characters you couldn't see in the main game. You can also look forward to high difficulty maps, maps with special situations, and maps that fall under a storyline where you save the future from Jayryuu Gimurei.

The new DLC begins on August 9 with two maps priced respectively ¥200 and ¥250. The ¥200 map will be discounted to ¥100 through September 30.

As always, you can keep up with Awakening's download content at the game's DLC page.

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