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Bravely Default Bonus DLC: Costumes for Anies and Ringabel

Square Enix promises more DLC to follow.


Square Enix is readying bonus items for Bravely Default Flying Fairy and its two soundtracks.

Buy the new 3DS RPG, which hits retail on October 11, and you'll get an "Orthodox Knight" equipment for heroine Anies.

Buy the game's soundtrack, which hits the day before, and you'll get a Suppin job outfit, which gives you the Suppin look regardless of job (Suppin is known as "Freelancer" in the English FF games). Buyers of the game's theme song single from Linked Horizon will get a "Noble Composer" equipment for the game's most recent character reveal, Ringabel.

These latter two items can be downloaded through December 13, but afterwards anyone will be able to download them when they've reached a certain point in the game.

Square Enix also says to expect additional character equipment and outfit downloads.

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