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Square Enix Posts Quarterly Loss

Console game sales were weak in first quarter.


Square Enix earnings report for the first quarter reveals a net loss of 2,077 million yen. The company put the blame on poor console game sales.

Total sales for the three month period through June 2012 reached 24,914 million yen, level with last year's 24,529 million yen. The company posted an operating loss of 1,163 million yen, compared to last year's operating gain of 2,178 million yen. Last year, the company saw a net profit of 690 million yen.

The company's digital entertainment business, which includes video game operations, saw sales of 11,336 million yen, down 3.9% from the previous year, and an operating loss of 111 million yen. Last year, this division saw an operating gain of 2,834 million yen.

While sales of Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D on 3DS were strong, console game sales were weak. Final Fantasy Brigade on Mobage and Sengoku IXA for browsers posted favorable results.

View Square Enix's latest earnings report here:

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