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Tales of Xillia 2: Main Character Ludger's Other Form

Travel into another dimension to beat up on your enemies.


Take a look at the Tales of Xillia 2 logo:

That's main character Ludger to the left. So who's the character to the right?

This week's Famitsu has the answer. It's Ludger!

Not the normal Ludger, though. As you progress through the Xillia 2 story, Ludger will gain a special ability called "Gaikara" (I'm not sure if I romanized that correctly). This form allows Ludger to enter an alternate history world whose form is different from the real world.

The president of the dominating Klanspia Company, a 43-year-old fella named Bizlee, happens to be watching over this special world. Taking note of Ludger's ability, he scouts Ludger for a mission to destroy the alternate history world. This requires that Ludger destroy the "Time Factor," which is the core of the specal world. Once he's entered the special world, Ludger can't leave until he's destroyed the Time Factor.

Ludger's special form figures into combat. As battle progresses, a gauge will fill up. Press L3 and R3 when the gauge as filled, and Ludger will transform and pull all enemies into a separate dimension. While Ludger is on his own in this dimension, there's no concept of HP, TP and AC.

Famitsu also has introductions to two returning characters, Elise and her mascot Tippo, and Rowen, and a new character named Vell. Vell is Bizlee's secretary, Ludger's friend since childhood, and Nova's older twin sister.

[via Tales Source]

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