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Yakuza 5: Meet the Osaka Cast

Haruka, Akiyama, and the supporting cast in Osaka.


We previously introduced Yakuza 5's Hokkaido and Fukuoka characters. Now it's Osaka's turn. Look below for Akiyama, Haruka and their supporting cast.

Shun Akiyama

Main character in Osaka.


Other main character in Osaka.

Mirei Park

President of Dynachair, a talent agency in Osaka. She once longed to be an idol herself but faced difficulties which caused her to give up that dream. One and a half years prior, she has a fated meeting with Haruka, who's come from Okinawa. With a top staff and harsh training, she hopes to lead Haruka to a major debut within six months.

Mai Sanada

Member of Osaka-based idol unit T-Set, a unit which aims to win a television idol tournament called Princess League. She has great pride and talent, and doesn't think much of her fellow tournament competitor Haruka, who longs to be an idol despite having little experience.

Azusa Osawa

Another member of T-Set. Her youthful face and appealing smile draw her great support from male fans.

Katsuya Naoki

Naoki runs the largest talent house in Kansai, Osaka Talent. He's known not just within the company, but among the general population as well. However, there is some talk that he may have ties to the yakuza.

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