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Play Taiko Drum Master in Yakuza 5

Surprise collaboration between Sega and Namco Bandai franchises.


Sega's Yakuza franchise is no stranger to collaborations with real world brands. But the latest Yakuza collaboration is with a fellow video game franchise.

Namco Bandai's Taiko Drum Master will appear in Yakuza 5 as a playable arcade unit. You'll be able to select from a handful of songs, including Mappy Ondo, Nijiiro Yumeiro Taikoiro and Shinsekai Yori.

The collaboration was announced in this week's Famitsu as part of a feature looking back at ten years of Taiko Drum Master. The magazine included a picture of Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi playing the Taiko arcade unit.

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