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Dragon Quest X Sells 420,000 First Week

First online MMORPG DQ game fails to reach high first week sales of predecessors.


Dragon Quest X debuted with 420,311 units in its first week, Famitsu.com and Enterbrain reported today. The first numbered entry in the series for Wii, and the first online MMORPG take on the franchise, was released on August 2.

Expectedly, this represents a significant drop from past numbered DQ games. Dragon Quest IX on DS sold 2,353,440 in its first week back in July 2009. Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 sold 2,237,000 on its first week in 2004. These entries were released on Saturdays, so the sales covered two days compared to DQX's four days.

Wii hardware saw a major sales boost, rising to 41,561 units for the week, putting it above the PlayStation 3's 14,544 units. 3DS was the top selling system this week with 118,786 units.

Square Enix offered DQX on its own and as part of bundles with a USB stick and a black Wii.

Lower base sales are to be expected for an online MMORPG, as indicated by Final Fantasy XI. Despite not selling the millions of units of its predecessors, Square Enix has said that FFXI has been the most profitable FF game so far, thanks no doubt to monthly usage fees and the variety of expansion releases.

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